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Armada Bay Excursions - Enjoy an opportunity for you and your horse to head out to the trails with a group of friends. While trail riding can be a relaxing endeavor, it is also a key aspect to developing confidence between you and your horse. Taking your horse out into different environments helps your horse to learn to rely on and trust your leadership even when other things might seem scary. View our calendar below for this year's schedule.

Competitions and Performances - Develop the ability to keep your ambitions in check while leading your horse through the stress of competing. While winning is very fun, the true benefit of competition is learning to work as a team with your horse to get the job done in a way that does not betray your equine partner. Working on honing your skills for a specific event can be a great focus for a time that will really move you forward in your riding skills. View our calendar below for this year's schedule.

Trail Clinic Opportunities - Prepare your horse for the trail season as well as get a peek into obstacles and for the upcoming trail competition. Clinics and Seminars provide a fun filled day or weekend to get intense instruction in a specific area. Maybe you are looking to get the intensity that once or twice a week won't get you, or maybe you want to explore a different area to see if that is a path to explore. Want to design your own clinic? Just give us a call and let us know what you want and we can tailor it to fit your own group of friends! View our calendar below for this year's schedule.

Clinics, Shows, Excursions, Upcoming Events
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