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Melanie Smith-Breidt

Melanie Smith-Breidt is a CHA certified trainer and Master Instructor. She trains and instructs Western and English disciplines, including reining, jumping and lower level dressage from a basis of natural horsemanship. She believes that there is a place where natural horsemanship and the more traditional training techniques can blend into a gentle but powerful training program. Her philosophy is that horses should be "handy" or able to do a variety of jobs, even if there is one in particular that they excel. Relationship between the horse and rider is the basis upon which all else is built. If there is trust and confidence and an understanding of the job to do, riding becomes a pleasure for both parties, no matter what the discipline.Surrounding everything is an eye for safety, both in the environment and in how people work with their horses.

Melanie is the owner of Armada Bay Equestrian Center, along with her husband Pete Breidt.
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Francine Althoff

Like a lot of young girls, Francine has been "horse-crazy" since her earliest memories of childhood. She began teaching in the classroom and her love for introducing young people to new ideas and skills spilled over to her love for horses.

Francine believes that when we approach horses with respect and a desire to learn from their inherent wisdom, riding improves us in areas such as communication, compassion, and critical thinking skills.

Her philosophy is that a safe, fun environment is essential to learning for both horse and rider.


Melanie Smith-Breidt

Photos by Kim Villamarin and Melanie Smith-Breidt
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